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cancerREAD lab test

In a first phase, the distribution of the cancerREAD lab test will be exclusively reserved for the hospital sector for the purpose of therapy monitoring and cancer screening in the hospital.

Then, according to the demand from the Public Health Authorities and to the agreements put in place, the sales will be progressively extended to all the countries, which will implement a health policy integrating this major tool to fight against cancer.

Public Health Authorities, hospitals and NGOs fighting against cancer, can contact our deployment department to workon integrating this test in the early cancer screening protocols and in therapy monitoring protocols.


For quality control reasons, the tests are performed
exclusively in accredited laboratories cancerREAD lab HUB

Managers of reference laboratories are welcome to contact our deployment department to enquire about the conditions to set up a cancerREAD lab HUB.

The cancerREAD lab team is at your service,