Cancer facts

Early detection is the key

Today screening tests:
> can not detect several types of cancer
> do not allow efficient detection of tumors at early stages

Reliable detection of cancer at an early stage before symptoms appear has the potential to dramatically decrease global cancer mortality.

Innovative answer

1. ECS-Screening approach

An efficient screening test should meet the following criteria:


2. Detect multiple cancers at early stages

ECS-Screening developed the first true early cancer screening working for multiple cancers meeting all these criteria called DECODE LAB that is able to detect a specific cancer biomarker in the blood: Progastrin.

In almost all type of cancers, at the earliest stages of development, there is an uncontrolled activation of the Wnt oncogenic pathway. This uncontrolled activation of the Wnt oncogenic pathway is vital for the cancer cells to grow and survive. It induces the expression of multiple genes required for the cancer cells to grow and survive. Among these multiple genes, there is the gene coding for our target: Progastrin.

3. Efficient technology

Progastrin is a pro-hormone that is processed in gastrin, an hormone that is secreted during digestion by specific cells of the stomach, that stimulates the normal secretion of gastric acid. In these physiological conditions Progastrin is almost exclusively present inside these specific stomach cells.

However, in tumors, cancer cells lack the enzymes required to process Progastrin to gastrin, leading to the secretion by cancer cells of the Progastrin.

Therefore we can specifically detect Progastrin in the blood of persons having a cancer.

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